Binary and ternary complex formation and characterization of artemisinin with sulfobutyl ether ?-cyclodextrin and oleic acid Page No: 043-052

By: Muhammad Yousaf Shahzad, Muhammad Abbas, Muhammad Tayyab Ansari, Mudassar Abbas

Keywords: Artemisinin, sulfobutylether-?cyclodextrins, sulfobutylether-?-cyclodextrins-oleic acid, crystallinity, transform infrared – FTIR-spectra

DOI : 10.36721/PJPS.2024.37.1.REG.043-052.1

Abstract: Drug-resistant malaria is a global risk to the modern world. Artremisinin (ART) is one of the drugs of choice against drug-resistant (malaria) which is practically insoluble in water

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